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West Africa home of the Hebrews???

People often ask... "If West Africa is home of the Hebrews and Hebrew Israelites... then where is all the Israelite art, writings and Torah Scroll fragments???"

The answer is simple... it has all been stolen by the Gentile Heathen nations that conspired to destroy us and wipe away our history and heritage!!!!

The image you now see is no joke... the white man you see standing next to the Israelite King’ bronze statue is the grandson of a British Soldier that took 2 smaller statues as loot in the 1897 Benin Massacre and Expedition.

"Our heritage is hidden away in private collections and VAULTS!!!!"

The grandson decided since his own

children didn’t care for the bronzes, that he would return them BACK to the Oba of Benin royal family!

If a British soldier stole these statues, what else do you think is stole away in some basement or vault!!!!

Here are the 2 Bronze statues that were stolen by the grandfather.

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