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HebrewConnect vs COINTELPRO

As of Friday evening the domain for was suspended by our Domain registrar. Upon investigation it appears a Startup Cubersecurity firm based out of TEL AVIV, Nation State of Israel, falsely flagged a subdomain of and reached out to our registrar to have our domain blocked and suspended.

There is more information to this story, but I ask for prayer from the House of Israel. The wicked don't want us to have a viable platform of our own, and we must fight to keep what OUR OWN HANDS have made.

To all members of HebrewConnect and, your data and information is still secure as I use dedicated servers to host our platform and my services are separate from my Domain registrar.

Lastly I am taking all the necessary steps to fight against this harassment and abuse from our open enemies. My prayer and belief is that I will be able restore the status of our platform and then transfer to a new Domain registrar.

Best Regards,

Moreh Duane Harris

HebrewConnect Nedia LLC

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