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Coming Home by Open Writers (FULL SONG) 🎵
Open Writers

Coming Home by Open Writers (FULL SONG) 🎵

~Feel free to add this to your Radio Stations and Shabbat Playlists~ Download "Coming 🏠" from your favorite 🎵 spots! ➡iTunes: ➡Amazon MP3: ➡Spotify: ➡GooglePlay: ================================ ↪To support our work and new project: ================================ Video put together by: Hadassah Queen O ⭐️ Testimonials: "HalleluYah absolutely brewtiful sistahs!!! Y'all are so gifted. It's a blessing to have edifying music in these trying times. Keep up the phenomenal work in the most high. He is using you all as vessels." "HAVE MERCY! THAT SONG IS A MASTERPIECE! AWESOME! " "Hey sisters! Thank you so much for sharing the premiere of your new song release. I loved it! Absolute FIRE! Praise God for His awesome unending love that welcomes and embraces the prodigal sons and daughters to come home! I pray this song and the upcoming project impacts the multitudes for the glory of God! Love you both!" "I JUST LISTENED TO "COMING HOME" OH MY GOODNESS! IT IS "AUSPICIOUSLY DELICIOUS". SERIOUSLY I PRAY PEOPLE WILL SLOW DOWN AND HEAR THE CALLING WORDS OF FATHERS LOVE THROUGH YOUR VOICES OF HIS HEALING LOVE, AND HEAL THE WOUNDS OF MANY. I KNOW ABBA SUNG THIS SONG THROUGH YOU 2, "MARY/MARY" HAVE NOTHING ON YOU 2 "CAM/QUEEN" YOU 2 ARE ORIGINALS & COPY NO ONE. I CAN HEAR IT BUT I ALSO KNOW IT. I AM HOLY PROUD OF YOU 2. "COMING HOME" IS DEFINITELY THE HEART OF OUR FATHER'S LOVE ESPECIALLY IN THESE LAST DAYS. I PRAY THIS SONG WILL REACH MILLIONS & BE USED TO TURN THE HEARTS OF PARENTS, CHILDREN, & GRANDPARENTS, BACK TO THE FATHER'S HOME. BLESS YOU, MY 2 SONGBIRDS, IT'S AN HONOR TO KNOW YOU CAM & MY LITTLE QUEEN "O" I'M SO PROUD OF YOU NOTHING YOU CAN DO CAN EVER MAKE ME MORE PROUD OF YOU, I'M HONORED TO BE YOUR MOM, YOU KEEP PRESSING TOWARDS HIS LOVE AND HIS HOME. YOUR MAMA T" Thank you for your support! Please subscribe to our channel and give it a big thumbs up 👍🏽 If you like the content we're uploading, music and messages we're sharing, we'd love to hear from you in the comments below. To donate to our ministry we've provided a link for you if you feel led to give. 🎧 UPLIFTING LIFE MUSIC HERE: or Visit the Royalty Store #inspiration #inspirationstation #openwriters #hadassahqueeno #cameronjoy
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