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National HebrewConnect Prayer Line!!!

Shalom everyone, I am very pleased to announce to the House of Israel the creation of our very own National Hebrew Connect Prayer Line!!! This is a long time coming, but we are finally here!!!

The National Hebrew Connect Prayer Line is a 24/7 prayer line dedicated to serving the spiritual needs within our community.

To access, simply call the toll free number

1-877-870-5191. There you will be able to call and speak to a live minister as available or be forwarded to leave your prayer request via our voicemail system.

As a reminder this National Prayer Line is designed to address the specific spiritual needs of Hebrews and Hebrew Israelites regardless off affiliation or level of faith in this Hebrew Awakening.

Feel welcome to share this number with your family and friends, and let them know this Hebrew Ministry is available to pray for their needs!

Please keep this Ministry in prayer as we continue to find ways to serve the needs of our community. I thank you for your support in this effort and appreciate all prayers! Your donations to this Ministry allows us to create programs like this, and for that I say TODAH RABAH!!!

-Moreh Duane Harris

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