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Tippu Tip:Edomite Slave Trader and Slave Raider!

Tippu Tip, or Tippu Tib (1832 – June 14, 1905), real name Hamad bin Muhammad bin Juma bin Rajab el Murjebi... An Edomite Slave Trader and Slave Raider! (Oman Muscat and Bantu Arab).

Edomite slave trader Tippu Tip made himself very wealthy in the internal slave trade and ivory trading business. By specializing in the ivory and Israelite slave trade, by traveling to the interior of Africa, he became very wealthy.

In 1895; he owned seven plantations on Zanzibar and 10,000 slaves. Tippu Tip died in 1905.

He died being recognized as one of the most Notorious "African" Slave Traders of the Hebrew Israelite nation.

Many Israelites have a VERY narrow understanding of how MASSIVE the scattering and enslavement of Israel was. Those Bantu Israelites that fled the Fulani Edomite persecution in West Africa for Central and South Africa got hemmed up, captured and enslaved by Hebrew Arab tribes of Edom, Moab and Ishmael in East Africa.

Because of the trade of Hebrew Israelite slaves to Arab and Middle Eastern lands, you have little Hebrew Israelite children in Iran TO THIS DAY!!! Lost to their hidden identity!!!

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Deanna Tullison
Deanna Tullison
12 feb. 2021

Great post.....Ron Dalton and others also discussed how Edom originally looked like us.....but you won't hear this from the mainstream camp teachings! Glad this information was shared will be saving this for my archives.


My'Yahla BathYah
My'Yahla BathYah
29 mai 2020

Todah Moreh, very good information to have and it helps with understanding!

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