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STOP SAYING “I Can’t Breathe!!!”

Shalom fam... I just wanted to remind you of the lesson our ministry did named “Merchandise of Deception & Death”.

Recall the witchcraft and deception of the mentalist. Also how life and death are in the power of the tongue.

There is something diabolical about the George Soros funded and created BLM movement pushing the people to chant a curse over themselves.

It is wickedness in having our people follow the ways of the Gentiles in taking a knee in response to the death of George Floyd. WHY would we want to take a knee, when that is the exact way George Floyd was murdered!!!! With the knee of a Gentile Heathen in the neck of a Hebrew!!!

These evil people are crafty, and are deceiving the whole world by getting people to chant a curse over themselves.

There are MAD SUBLIMINALS going on targeting the House of Israel! DO NOT say these words over yourself!

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