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Ishmael/Esau, and the sons of Japheth! PART 1

Updated: May 8, 2020

"Here at BHIA we are aggressively exposing the lies of our enemies, and revealing the truth to our Hebrew, and #HebrewIsraelite brothers and sisters"

Ishmael/Esau, and the sons of Japheth! PART 1

Lie NUMBER ONE! Africans sold themselves and other Africans into slavery!!! TRUTH! Hebrew Edomites and Hebrew Ishmaelites in East, North and West Africa committed Jihad against, executed Slave raids against, and sold their Hebrew Israelite cousins to the Europeans, and White Arabs... the sons of Japheth! Out of an ancient hatred, our Edomite and Ishmaelite brethren made a pact with the sons of Japheth to sell out their own blood for profit and personal gain.

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