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Hebrew Diaspora:Brazil

Updated: May 8, 2020

“The genome sequence generated by Brazilian researchers less than 48 hours after diagnosis demonstrates that we have the capacity to act in real time to face several types of epidemics,” she said.

Jaqueline Goes de Jesus coordinated a team of Brazilian scientists who sequenced the genome of the Coronavirus in 48 hours; process usually takes 2 weeks!!!

The researchers also confirmed that their work is the first full analysis of virus genome that is connected with the infection in that northern Italian city, which is being pinpointed as a key area for the transmission of the coronavirus in Europe. The coordinator of the genome study, de Jesus graduated in Biomedicine from the Bahian School of Medicine and Public Health, possesses a Master’s degree in Biotechnology in Health and Investigative Medicine (PgBSMI) from the Gonçalo Moniz Research Institute – Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (IGM-FIOCRUZ) and also earned a PhD in Human and Experimental Pathology from the Federal University of Bahia More info here:

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