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Pesach Cleaning Activity (PK-5)

Yeast, yeast,​


Time to get it out of here.​

Hurry, hurry,​

It's a brand new year.​

Hearts and home,​

Clean, fresh, and clear.​

J. Y. Cannon​

Pesach Cleaning
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After discussing yeast, leaven, and the importance of cleaning it from our house before Pesach, children can "clean" the house above. Parents/Teachers may want to cut the leavened items out beforehand and hide them in the house for the children to find and relocate to the trash bin. The page and cutouts can be laminated for repeated use. The house may also be glued to construction paper so the door and windows can be cut to an "open" position for hiding leavened items. A simple cut and paste near the trash bin is also a suitable activity. Older children may enjoy making their own house on powerpoint. ​

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