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Sha-nan Lamad Virtual K-12

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Dear Friends & Family,

I’d like to personally invite you to a soft launch of

Recess Buddies is a website designed for children between Kindergarten and up to grade 12 who need a safe place to meet and interact with their peers.

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  • FavorgivenbyYAH

    Boker tov family. We are live on Monday-Friday 9:15-9:30. Please join us for a moment or put your Homeschool Devotion on live so we can be encouraged to know that we are not in this journey alone. We look forward to seeing you!


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    Anna-Kay ShemiYah Yisrael

    National Geographic Elements of Science Experiment Kit is a great addition to our homeschool resources. We use it daily to enhance the science lesson and to provide interesting hands on activities. We like it and thought you might like it too!

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    An online resource center for Hebrew Israelite families look...

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