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Sha-nan Lamad Virtual K-12

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As a few sweet Achoti's and myself began to put Sha-nan Lamad together, one thing I realized, and I could be wrong, is that it seems that parents want to teach their own children. I wanted to homeschool my children but I needed and wanted a solid Hebrew curriculum and I wanted to share this experience with other parents and children and support one another. I'd like to create a website that suits our needs. I encourage you to take the Poll below and let me know what you think. Please share this with other parents who might be considering or are already homeschooling their little ones.

-Shalom 💓💓💓

How do you want Sha-nan Lamad Virtual to deliver education?

  • Teachers delivering an online education for my child(ren)

  • I want or already teach my child but need community

  • A Curriculum Exchange such as

  • I don't know yet.

My'Yahla BathYah
Anna-Kay ShemiYah Yisrael


An online resource center for Hebrew Israelite families look...
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