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Dear Friends & Family,

I’d like to personally invite you to a soft launch of

Recess Buddies is a website designed for children between Kindergarten and up to grade 12 who need a safe place to meet and interact with their peers.

Children meet online and interact with peers while participating in carefully curated fun learning activities.

As a parent, I believe in the importance of online safety, therefore all interactions are supervised and monitored by live moderators or instructors. We also stand by our Buddy Code of Ethics:

  • Be Kind & Courteous

  • Respect Each Other

  • No Hate Speech nor Bullying

Additionally, Buddies and Families are by referral only and vetted independently before allowed to interact and participate.

Recess Buddies is great for:

  • Parents looking for additional activities for “bored” children.

  • homeschooled children looking to build friendships.

  • Cousins/family and friends who live far away or have moved away.

  • Children who may lack social emotional development or have been labeled "socially awkward" due to limited peer interaction.

Join us next Thursday 8/3 at 7:00PM for an ice breaker meet & greet and game night kick off event.

  • Simply visit & Sign Up.

  • Choose a monthly Subscription Plan. The first 14 days are FREE

  • Once you are here, you can use the chat box to Chat with friends.

  • Click My Buddies, Kids Club, or Game Room.

  • Click “Join Recess Room” to talk face to face, meet new friends or decide to meet in a playdate pod.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you there!

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