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(DANIEL 7:23-28; 2 THESSALONIANS 2:8-12)

Good Day Family...End Times events are unfolding at an incredible speed. We are witnessing the final transformation of this current world into the immoral, unjust and wicked generation of Noah's Pre-Flood Era (Genesis 6 and Matthew 24:37-39). During the last two years the World Health Organization has successfully supervised the genetic manipulation of most of the world population via the Covid19 mRNA jabs. Now the West openly prepares to confront the East on the battlefield while the economies of the world continue toward a steady decline. Meanwhile, the Biden Administration requested the Supreme Court of the United States to strike down its earlier ruling on Miranda Rights. Law Enforcement is no longer required to inform suspects of their legal rights under the law. Consequently, policemen are no longer subject to lawsuits either through the application of Qualified Immunity or the restriction of the Miranda Rights legal requirement. WELCOME TO THE BLACK EXPERIENCE IN AMERICA. NOW LET'S SEE HOW LONG IT TAKES THIS ADMINISTRATION TO DISARM AMERICA AND MAKE ALL HER CITIZENS AS VULNERABLE AS HER YAHUDI CAPTIVES. PLEASE WATCH AND SHARE THE VIDEO BELOW:


Cry Loud Israel
Jul 01, 2022


Yes, they are removing all the constitution rights of every American Citizen. Since when has America been fair in the Judicial system. Why the Slaughter House decision is what they put against our people after slavery ended. The wicket is getting more wicket and truly stupid! They lie and know it is a lie and keep telling it...I guess soon people will believe it...those that took their poison's...I was once arrested and got no Miranda Rights and that was22 years ago.




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