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Arik: Black-American Block-Chain news

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Roy L. Clay is the greatest Black American technology innovator. Like most Black Americans, he is ignored.

In the late 80s, I learned System1032 while at college. It was intuitive and used natural language early. SQL 89, SQL 92 and SQL3 were invented after System1032. All SQL RDBMS came from Mr. Clay's work.

Fortran was used for any programming that required advanced mathematical and scientific formulas. Nuclear facilities, airplanes, factories, machines, weapons, satellites, etc. were developed and/or operated using it. Without Mr. Clay's compiler, Fortran wouldn't exist.

Mr. Clay created diagnostic and safety software to sit in firmware memory modules. He automated electrical current flow controls to ensure people aren't killed while using computers. Cyber-Security experts likely identify/stop potential hack attacks in embedded firmware by reverse engineering his standard.

Mr. Clay's idea to create the first computer software company was ignored, but Bill Gates later used it to build Microsoft.

Big-Tech and clients have made trillions. Millions of careers have prospered. Billions of people have benefited.

We deserve better. God requires repentance and recompense for what has been done to Hebrews. Give him a statue, street, park, movie, holiday and school.


Revelation KJV 13:16-17 16 And he causeth all, both small a...


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