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Biblical Hebrew Awakening: EXODUS

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Have you seen all the "hidden" information about Corona-Virus? I have more, but the last time I went there I got into serious trouble. What we are witnessing is probably no different than when Christ and Moses were born and much like what happened in Esther. Is this another "final solution" for Hebrews?

If members have and/or encounter a medical problem, they are strongly encouraged to seek medical attention from a qualified and/or certified healthcare professional at a healthcare facility. Information disclosed herein is for educational and/or research purposes only and should not be considered medical advice nor clinical treatment therapy.

Why not eliminate all disease with Corona-Virus vaccine method? Is it possible that man thinks he has discovered the secrete to eternal life. If the injection targets RNA biological anomaly markers and began addressing the pandemic less than 12 months, why can't all diseases be cured using this technology? Imagine all genomic DNA as keys on a piano and bad musical notes played are abnormal disease markers like broken keys. If broken keys are replace in real-time with a vaccine, why not replicate this technique for all illnesses? The world already has all genomic sequences of every disease known. Why not cure all forms of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, shingles, SARS, the common cold, and every type of sexually transmitted diseases? Obviously, a lot of profit losses are at stake. If Corona-Virus has been cured using nano-technology targeted DNA therapy, why not copy the solution framework like software engineering and make the world better? Wouldn't it make the environmental Green-Deal better by eliminating millions of healthcare workers from commuting and save the world trillions of dollars in no longer needed medical products and services? Why is the entire planet engrossed 24x7x365 in everything related to Corona-Virus, but nobody has asked the most obvious question? Can science and technology now eliminate all diseases on earth using the Corona-Virus vaccine technique? If not, why??? If you could take a single pill from your government to cure all diseases, would you do it? What if that pill also promised eternal life to those not killed off in the "pandemic"? Then, imagine an "eternal" world created in man's image which doesn't want to face God's judgment. Can Holy Bible scripture be manifested as Satan creates the situation for the entire world to take the "mark" and reject God? Is Corona-Virus empowering The Great RESET to set the stage for prophecy of Revelations in The Holy Bible to become reality?

1. ingredients are an abomination 2. human gene alteration is playing godlike 3. experts who know truth

4. many researchers have documented the truth in government public databases 5. one author predicted a similar pandemic in the early 1980's 6. bill gates predicted a similar pandemic a few years ago 7. simple DNA video analysis of what and how corona-virus works 8. there are many more mutations than the public knows 9. research scientist have a lot of expertise and experience 10. many experts who understand what is happening are dying 11. many think it actually started here as an attack on the world's military 12. a lot of people believe the our top university researchers were involved 13. our law enforcement teams have arrested top researchers Anyone can visit the and search the name of "Charles M. Lieber" to verify, read the shocking affidavit link and checkout important online details about two Chinese involved 14. our three letter people have been going after the ring of terror leaders 15. a pandemic simulation exercise occurred a few months before the pandemic began 16. some scientist with expertise in this area are on the run from the three letter people 17. many scientist with expertise in this area died recently 18. some leaders know everything about what is really happening 19. is it possible something unique was in this dead man's dna 20. the next phase of The Great RESET will introduce Digital Health Passports to link and control everyone 21. link referencing how to use online medical adverse reaction database

01 apr 2021

I got this vital Corona-Virus update about deaths associated with recent vaccine efforts. I can confirm one story herein was actually linked to mainstream media, but there are too many deaths to verify all the content. Very interesting. Hard to believe, but quite disturbing to suggest and consider it may all be true. Again, my findings are for educational and research purposes which should not be considered medical advice. Anyone experiencing any health sickness should consult a doctor at a proper medical facility. Nevertheless, it is clear to me there is a movement designed to wipe out the children of Yah... this is only a test or what the Holy Bible calls "birth pangs". We should set aside a day in the community to collectively call for His return.

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