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Biblical Hebrew Awakening: EXODUS

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Jul 14, 2022


I have known about soul ties since the 1980's, when that information came out all of we young women were shocked. I was a married woman having my last 4 children. I have pretty much been married since I was 18 years old. I was thankful to be raised a Hebrew SDA, and taught to follow Abba Yah from a small child. We lived by Torah. Because I had a relationship with my then husband yet we did not wait until marriage. We divorced two times, and married two times. I had a love with a new man that I classify as, "a love Yah sent to me" when it ended 13 years ago I asked forgiveness from ABBA YAH to break all soul ties I had created in my life...I promised to never tie my soul to any man unless I am married first...and that means no artificial things too. So now I am old and do not have to worry about any man desiring me now...HaleluYAH for I do not like to share my image to anyone because I was damaged at the age between 14 and 15! This can happen when you are young and men think you are beautiful! My daddy taught me on that point about youth according to YAH' WORD...beautiful is fleeting butterfly, yet knowledge will remain forever. I loved my Daddy very much and I obey MY YAH 1st, and then my daddy, provided his teaching is from YAH' WORD. I was raised to keep YAH' commandments and diet and health laws. So keeping the sabbath was a part of my life from birth, and my diet was too. I was a Hebrew Seventh Day Adventist. I saw their lies and cult leader...I left fast after over 50 years! My first question was where do I fellowship? Then a short time and we ( a friend) found out we are Hebrews. We shouted and jumped for joy! Todah ABBA YAH for showing us! This is my story yet my testimony of my covenant with Abba is the most important part of it. I am now as happy 68 year old, mom, grandma, and great grandma. 17 wonderful children...Todah Abba Yah❤️



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