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Biblical Hebrew Awakening: EXODUS

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My Creative Solutions
My Creative Solutions

Satan opted to battle "tooth and claw" against the Man created by the Most High YAH. He started his attack, full of fury and tremendous indignation. He was not going to sit back and watch while Man lived "happily" in the Garden of Eden. By YAH giving Man power over His Works.... and Lucifer no longer having the authority that he was granted as the Anointed Cherub, he might see this as "Proof" of his Rebellion.

So, what now? If Man is the proof, then eliminate Man! If Man is the replacement, then the Replacement must be eliminated! Satan's "tactic" became important in "preventing" Man from reacting to YAH.

If Satan had his way, he would lead Man to fight The Most High at every step and in every way imaginable! As a result, he is pitted against Man. The Enemy is out to murder, steal, and destroy everyone and everything from birth to death, from the cradle to the grave.

I will be starting a Health and Wellness Resource Channel on a couple of social sites. My goal is to help others overcome the Abominations that make Desolate by offering resources and information to help through these trying deceptive times. I will be sharing resources for work from home jobs, information on healing through ABBA YAH’s creations, and resources for families, individuals, and people with disabilities.

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