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Biblical Hebrew Awakening: EXODUS

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I’m so very thankful to be here. I’m now catching up on previous videos. I’m so blessed by your teaching Moreh And Todah Rabah for the list of refer. I’m trying to purchase a copy of the Apostolic Polyglot but it’s not on Amazon. Still searching. Can you recommend where I can purchase a copy?

Thanks for your excellent ministry.


Mat Daniels
BethiYah  Thomason
BethiYah  Thomason
BethiYah Thomason
Nov 07, 2021 file:///C:/Users/jewel/Downloads/lex-conc.pdf

179156794-Apostolic-Bible-Polyglot-Interlinear-2006.pdf this is 2000+ pages i can send to your via email or something



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