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Biblical Hebrew Awakening: EXODUS

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As I transition off mainstream social media, I've begun to announce the message below to my 700+ online connections of Black people at LinkedIn. I'll either transfer group ownerships to another or remove each thing I've created very soon. I encourage others to formulate their "I'm out" note. Time is pretty much up for this world and we are called to help gather the remnant of The Most High God. Unfortunately, I'm certain many of the three-letter-people who have harassed me online for years will now begin to make trouble for those of us here doing the will of Yah. I'm not worried... nor care. I trust The Most High.

*** FYI ***

I hope to leave LinkedIn by 5/8/21. I knew this day was coming and it is why I purged thousands of connections a few years ago. I was building my own Black American social media platform, but now I'll first try another. The LinkedIn platform has mostly become useless for me. I plan to re-focus my online value and ministry work on an all Black social media platform. God requires Hebrews to be holy and separate unto Him, so I'm going to obey as much as humanly possible. Far too many Blacks have no clue what's going on and I need a better platform to deliver my life's ministry message and work to help God's people who desire to return to Him. I encourage all Blacks to unplug from mainstream as much as possible and find Black owned platforms to nurture.

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