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Biblical Hebrew Awakening: EXODUS

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I hope this helps both new and old Hebrews "get it". While the information herein is vital to understanding our past, present and future, Jesus Christ (Call him whatever you want) is still the only way to obtain salvation and eternal life. Therefore, I've been trying to follow the Holy Spirit and study the Apocrypha since 2017. Each book contains a hidden truth linked to why it was important each was removed from the modern Holy Bible. Researching content (geography, names) and context (literal/symbolic) is the key. The Lord has allowed me to accumulate a lot of facts on the matter, but I think my subset of artifacts below says it all. Again, this truth doesn't negate Christ, but confirms and identifies who are God's people and why they must obey Him. The Holy Bible warns us to beware of false teachers and I try to speak truth without criticizing others for what they believe. I encourage you to listen to the last video first because it has been removed many times. Then, jump to Item 1. Because of my past corporate career and former WH connections, I am monitored and censored more than most Hebrews to stop me from sharing. I don't know why since many more Hebrews know more than I do and have greater influence.

Item 1:

It's time to connect the dots learning who are the Hebrews. The first dot is a scholar's historical perspective. The first official King James Holy Bible of 1611 included a section called Apocrypha which contains some important books called Maccabees.

Item 2:

The 2nd dot is the Hollywood video link here. The 1 Maccabees and 2 Maccabees books are inspired word of God. Why did Christians removed it? These Hebrews revolted against Rome, but the books reveal details about Hebrew history which the world wanted hidden. It details the origins of how three different people groups were merged into one as an act of law.

Item 3:

Can you connect the third dot? The Great King Herod was not Hebrew, but was from Idumeans/Idumaens (aka the land of Edom founded by Esau son of Issac) which wasn't of Jacob's seed loved by God. Since King Herod's people were forced to convert to a "Jews" in 126 B.C., it was easy for him as ruler to kill innocent Hebrew boys trying to stop Holy Bible prophecy of the coming Christ, King Jesus.

Item 4:

Are you ready to connect the forth dot? Can you embrace who you really are in Christ? Where did the Hebrews go after Rome destroyed Jerusalem in 70 A.D.? Why is it so important now to accurately understand Holy Bible history? Will you embrace Satan's lie when A.I. Crypto-Currency Block-Chain changes the world in 12-24 months?

Item 5:

What is the fifth dot to connect? Did you know Nigeria ("The Slave Coast") was actually the Kingdom of Judah? I've held the official and certified maps in my hands. Why was this initially written on old world maps, but later removed? Did the royal House of David flee to Nigeria in 70 A.D.? Wasn't most Negro (Igbo people) American slaves taken from Nigeria? What other people fit the curse of God in Deut. 28?

Item 6:

Are you ready to connect the six dot? Did you know there was a migration map of the Hebrews journey from Jerusalem in 70 A.D. to modern day Nigeria (Slave Coast) to setup the Kingdom of Judah below Negro Land? Why don't you jump to page 355 and see it yourself? Why did Joseph J. Williams, S.J., PH.D., LITT.D publish Hebrewisms of West Africa in 1930? How many people you know talk about these matters in churches and universities?

Item 7:

Are you ready to connect the seventh dot? What was Henry Ford, founder of Ford Motor Company goal of paying several scholars to research and publish a book criticizing JEWS in the 1920's? Why did the U.S. government ban his book, The International Jew: The World's Foremost Problem? How come he was able to convert Ford cars into tanks which were sold to Hitler for war? Why didn't the U.S. government shutdown the Ford Motor Company? Why did Henry Ford and Hitler both believe modern JEWS were not the Hebrews of the Holy Bible nor God's chosen people?

Item 8:

Can you accept the connection of dot eight? Who is Israel? Who is Jacob? Who are the Hebrews? Was Judah (Royal house of King David) taken as slaves from Nigeria to America? Did the nations of the world hide God's people attempting to delay facing the last day judgement of Jesus Christ? Has God historically always responded to the call of His people? Why would they call Him, if they don't know who they are?

Item 9:

Can you connect dot nine? Why have only two U.S. church pastors discussed the Holy Bible connect to American Negro people? Why is there a conspiracy to hide this truth from both Christians and Hebrews? Why do even modern JEWS from the "Middle East" acknowledge Blacks as being "Jewish"? Do you have an obligation to verify your own search and present findings to your loved ones? Why did God wait until 1619 to start a 400 year Holy Bible curse on Hebrews? Will Hebrews return to God upon conclusion of the curse to trigger end time prophecy of Christ return and judgement of non-believing gentiles?

Item 10:

Can you grasp all the historic details of the 10th dot? Did you know God and Jesus have many names and titles in both the Greek and Hebrew versions of the Holy Bible? Have you heard of the following: Most High; Lamb of God; Son of David; Jesus; Yahweh; Yah; etc.? Why do scholars and seminary professors teach the Holy Bible is not a collection of real events collaborated in history? It's not just ethical, moral and feel good stories - it's "our" story.

Item 11:

Can you digest all the historical details of Dot 11 two part video? Why has the history of Kazarian people not been taught? Did you know history records Africans (Arabs, Muslims, Mores, etc.) hunted down and captured Hebrews, then sold them to European ship merchants on vessels owned and/or financed by Jews? Are Africans the same as Hebrews? Are Jews the same as Hebrews? Why is God allowing all this information to be uncovered now? Are you more than a descendant of slaves? Are you from the royal House of David, Judah as Jesus Christ is the Lion of Judah? You're not just covered by the blood of Jesus, but you're from the same DNA blood line of Christ from the House of King David.

Item 12:

The Hebrews Data Points I've provided don't change nor challenge Jesus Christ, but rather offer greater insight into who are Hebrews and explain the role they play in end-time Holy Bible prophecy. Modern "Hebrews" don't get it and can't be apart of God's kingdom unless they accept Jesus Christ. Are you ready for your 12 Hebrew Data Point Dot to inspire you to do your own research? Do Hitler falsely think he was doing God's will knowing that the Jews were not Hebrews? Didn't God say in the Holy Bible that the tares and wheat would be separated by Him on the final Day of the Lord? Do you realize the Hebrews were punished for rejecting all of God's commandments, covenants, precepts, laws, etc. where are more than 500? Was it just the Jews and the Jewish leaders (not Hebrews?) who reject Jesus Christ? Why was Christ always talking and preaching about first saving that which was lost? Didn't Holy Bible scripture say God would offer salvation to the Gentiles to make the Hebrews jealous for rejecting Him?

Item 13:

Did you know King James was a Black Hebrew? Did you also know that Mary Queen of Scotts was also a Black Hebrew tried to wrestle power from Queen Elizabeth of England? Have you ever seen Denzel Washington European movie "Much To Do About Nothing"? Can you imagine the reality of Blacks and Hebrews ruling Europe during the "Dark Ages" aka "Middle Ages"? Did you know King George's III wife, Queen Charlotte was also black? Are you aware Charlotte, NC and Charlottesville, VA were named after her? Are you awake? Are your eyes open? Can you see?

Item 14: Many copies were removed from online after I shared it despite the videos being online for years. This was a repost I found.

Did you know the faces may change, but the game remains the same? Do you realize that history always repeats? Was the Apocrypha of the 1611 Holy Bible removed because it made a distinction between Jews and Hebrews in several of its books? Why do some think all global deaths, downfalls and destruction of wars point to these Kazarian Jewish converts? Does God actually hate the children of Esau (Edomites) as written in the Holy Bible? What is the mystery of God which causes them to hate Him? Why was the identity of the Hebrews stolen by people who refused to acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord, King and Son of God? Is the prophecy of the Holy Bible always 100% correct? My last dot video link was recently removed from FaceBook as hate speech and I suspect triggered online policy changes. The video speaker was Jewish and spoke of many controversial things about the Jewish people linked to WWI, Russia, Germany, WWII, England, etc. Perhaps the Lord will guide you to the truth and you'll find it along your life's journey. God bless.


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