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Biblical Hebrew Awakening: EXODUS

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I couldn't wait to share the vison Yah put in me about six months ago. He is so awesome!!! Now, I really know why I've caught so much hell in the last 12+ years and the last six months were simply horrible daily.

I've had many of my technology creations worth billions stolen from me by corporate America. If a person is caught stealing from someone, I think Holy Bible scripture says the thief must repay the victim 7x the original value taken. Although corporations no longer honor me, Yah still blesses me with great ideas.

The interesting thing is corporations will never steal this because it honors Yah and His people. Satan will never honor God. The true people of Yah will never steal from another brother because they fear Yah and keep His commandments. If Yah blesses this work, I will have done His will.

I need a lot of help to make this business vision and ministry work a reality for Yah. As God gives me rest on all sides, I can concentrate on Him and serving His people.

My'Yahla BathYah
Collier Lyons


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