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Biblical Hebrew Awakening: EXODUS

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As I've suggested before, the "vaccine" is probably the latest attempt to eliminate the Children of Yah as was with birth of Moses and Christ. Again, this current pestilence appears to be opening the door of God's wrath and judgement as written in Revelations. We are living in a great time and we should value His seal on us and anticipate our Savior's return!!!

I heard about the Chief Science Officer interview warning of vaccine issues. Today, I learned one of my contacts made it public and it is interesting to listen to this expert discuss towards the end a possibility of using DNA targeted vaccines to eliminate a race of people. It's real folks.

All of this is done for us?!? Again, fear is not of God. We have nothing to fear, if we hide ourselves under the protection of Yah. We are living in an end-of-the-age evil time and must humbly walk before our God as a living testament of His will, glory and power. Wisely obey Yah and listen carefully to His voice guide you in ministry to the remnant of His Call while there is still time. All praises to Yah forever!!!

My'Yahla BathYah
Adam Gistarb


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