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Biblical Hebrew Awakening: EXODUS

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I can relate. For the past several months, I have been recalling my Grandmother's (Gran) one liners.

One of her favorites: I will lift up mine eyes to the hills from which cometh my help and strength...

As a child, I would think to myself, where are the hills and what is Gran talking about?

Now I know exactly what she meant and find myself saying those exact

Cheryl Slaughter
Bobby Hollow
Yahs Jewel
Yahs Jewel
Aug 09, 2021

Whenever there was a storm my Grandmother would always turn off the TV and radio and make us sit down, and say, Listen God is talking!


I believe that is why I am not afraid of storms and I find myself doing the same thing when it storms, when I'm not working. But I go a little farther and open my windows to let in the sound, wind and rain. So I can try to go to sleep while it is storming. 😊



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