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Ishmael/Esau, and the sons of Japheth! Part 2

Here at we are aggressively exposing the lies of our enemies, and revealing the truth to our Hebrew, and #Hebrew Israelite brothers and sisters.


The White Arabs are the Biblical joined house of Ishmael & Esau, against the Biblical White Ashkenazi Jews.


The White Arabs AND the White Ashkenazi Jews are the sons of Japheth!

The White Arabs currently residing in the land of Shem are actually descendants of the Mongols/Tartars, AKA Magog!

In 1258AD Halugu Khan, Grandson to Genghis Khan, destroyed and razed Baghdad Iraq, scattering the original Black and Brown Muslim Hebrew Ishmaelites and Edomites to escape for their lives... the bulk fleeing westward into Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and North Africa!

This evasion of Mongol brutality is partially how Islam infiltrated deeper into East, North and West Africa!

In 1282 the Mongols in the Middle East began to convert to Islam under Tekuder Khan. Thus beginning the conversion of the White Mongols to the creation of the White Arab.

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