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Sha-nan Lamad Virtual K-12

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Shabbat Shalom Achotis! This is a follow up to the survey and what I hope will be very helpful. The results of the survey expressed that we need education for our children but that there were other associated services surrounding the development of children and families that were also of need. Our feed is now seemingly endless but chock full of great resources shared by many of you. So as not to get lost in the feed below, almost everything has been converted over to a very simple and easy to navigate website but connects us back here to the group. I welcome you to visit as often as you need and share with everyone you know who needs it. Although most of the resources have been transferred over, There is still more information to be added to the site. You can continue to add information here where the information can easily be transferred over and if anyone is interested in assisting with this labor of love, has any suggestions, or edits, please message me. Be blessed.

My'Yahla BathYah
Forever Grateful


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