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(EPHESIANS 5:11-13)
Monkeypox War-Games & Vaccine Side Effects
May 20, 2022 Courtesy of Deep State Satire As monkeypox goes mainstream, we dive into some of the more low-key preparations for a possible monkeypox pandemic, including government war-games, and recently authorized vaccines and their side effects. (Background audio by The Mili$ha, purchase tracks here: 🔥THERE IS AN ALTERNATIVE TO WINDOWS AND IT’S CALLED LINUX🔥 🔥IF YOU ARE USING WINDOWS 10, 11 ON YOUR COMPUTER YOU ARE HELPING BILL GATES (SATAN) DESTROY THIS PLANET AND HUMANITY. 🔥SWITCH TO LINUX NOW. 🔥ALL VIDEO EDITING IS DONE WITH A LINUX COMPUTER WITHOUT ANY HELP OR ASSISTANCE FROM MICROSOFT OR MICROSOFT SOFTWARE.🔥 🔥IF YOU ARE USING MICROSOFT PRODUCTS YOU ARE HELPING BILL GATES (SATAN) DESTROY THIS PLANET AND HUMANITY. 🔥BOYCOTT BILL GATES🔥 🔥BOYCOTT MICROSOFT🔥 🔥BOYCOTT WINDOWS 10, 11 ETC🔥 🔥I RECOMMEND LINUXMINT AS AN ALTERNATIVE TO WINDOWS🔥 🔥SUPPORT LINUXMINT🔥 Telegram: It's amazing the way 'they' have taken the common cold and turned it into an industry, a slavery. 🔥FOR MORE INFO ABOUT LINUX WATCH “Switch to Linux? The Real Privacy OS” 🔥The CCP (Chinese Communist Party) must be destroyed at all costs it is the cancer destroying the earth. 🔥Jesus Christ will destroy the CCP. 🔥God will destroy the WEF (World Economic Forum).

If the above link is blocked, you may still watch the video at

Monkeypox War-Games & Vaccine Side Effects for May 22, 2022.




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