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Biblical Hebrew Awakening: EXODUS

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Moreh Duane, told me I had an evil alter in my home, after going through every area of my home, for the past 2 weeks fearfully, I realized the evil alter was my home office i created to work from home. I spent more time in there working , always behind, always unreasonable timelines, never being caught up and when I sat down and started looking around, the room, it did look like an alter!

Right after that I got the jab layoff threat/notice I will be laid off as of 10/18/2021. I feel relieved and released from that bondage.

All praises to TMH, for making time/room for me get on the correct path. Looking forward to totally immersing myself in the truth in my new prayer room instead of the tiny closet.

PRAISE Yah for eyes to see and ears to hear!

Cheryl Slaughter
Bobby Hollow


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