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Biblical Hebrew Awakening: EXODUS

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Shalom Yahsharel!!! I apologize for disapearing! This was not my intention. But the Most High will do something to His children that is against what they want. It's his will not ours! The Most High took me through alot and He is just releasing me back now.. I uploaded a testimony video to explain where I was and what happened since you all seen me last!!! I love and miss you all!!! and the Most High willing I will never disappear again!!! I AM BACK!!!! with an even more fervent fire to spread the the Besorah! Word!!!! I have a bunch of lessons that I will be uploading and I will try to make it consistent as the Most High has Instructed me to do! Yah willing I will see you guys on the lives stream this Shabbat on Bibilical Hebrew Awakening if the Moreh will have me.... Please watch the video so that you can know what happened and I have a very powerful lesson premering/dropping tomorrow 7-8-21 on my channel. I miss and love you all!!! my aplogies again! Your Ahk Uncle Yahshuah! Below is the video.

My'Yahla BathYah


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