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Biblical Hebrew Awakening: EXODUS

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Duane Harris
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Welcome to the group! Our goal is to strategize ways to effectively awaken the 12 tribes of Biblical Israel to the truth of who they are, in N. America, S. America, Caribbean, W. Africa and the world.

The next step is to strategize ways we can EXODUS this worldwide Babylonian system. To become self sufficient without the influence or interference of the Gentile nations.

So if you have thoughts or ideas about how we can gather, unify and become self sufficient as a people, as a nation, please engage in dialogue and discussion. You can connect with other members, get updates and share videos. Its time we band together for the common goal of UNITY... We are family, so no STRIFE or Set REPPING!

This is not the place to post about conspiracy theories or look at what the devil is doing... we must engage each other in dialogue and discussion to come up with solutions.


Welcome to the group! Our goal is to strategize ways to effe...
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